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Control Now Cloud Email Protection

Quick setup, comprehensive and flexible
Experience robust email security and continuity, managed from our intuitive, web-based control panel. It’s easy to get started – configure our solution, authorize users to control their protection preferences or just “set it and forget it” – in minutes. There’s nothing to install. ControlEmail simplifies email management with a single control panel for managing and protecting your business communications. It works seamlessly with any on-premise or cloud-based infrastructure, including Office 365™ and Google Apps™.

  • Rapid deployment
  • Active Directory and LDAP synchronization for easy integration
  • Blocks spam outside your network

Stay connected – continuously
Billions of worldwide business emails – including the critical communications your company sends and receives – are sent and received daily. It’s essential that your email activity remains uninterrupted at all times. ControlEmail features built-in continuity, so employees can continue sending and receiving emails if the company’s email infrastructure crashes. Now that’s a big deal!

  • Access email via online control panel during a server outage
  • Messages automatically queued for up to 14 days

Block email-borne threats
How much of your job is consumed by the hassles and headaches associated with an escalating amount of email-borne threats? ControlEmail enables you to stay on top of this issue. Our continuously updated security engines and filters identify and block virtually all spam and malicious threats before they reach your network. The payoff? Your systems routinely run at peak performance

  • Multiple signature-based and pattern recognition technologies for up-to-the-minute protection
  • Virtualization-based malware detection technology
  • Real-time message source analysis

Spend less, save more
ControlEmail relieves IT administrators of the need to buy hardware (e.g. email servers) and handle upkeep, as well as oversee day-to-day maintenance of all email accounts. As a result, you have more time to focus on mission-critical goals. Minimize your overhead expenses, maximize your time, and focus your efforts on jobs that help build your business.

  • No capital expenditure or start-up costs

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  • Mail Access Monitor is a software product for monitoring the efficiency of your company’s mail server usage. With Mail Access Monitor, you can easily determine which of your employees most frequently send and receive e-mails, and what data transfer traffic they produce by their online activity.

Mail Access Monitor benefits

  • allows centralized supervision of your company’s mail server usage
  • helps prevent attempts to use the corporate mail server for personal purposes
  • reduces your internet expenses
  • extremely easy-to-use; monitoring can begin as soon as installation is complete
  • works with all modern mail servers
  • allows the generation of a large number of reports and diagrams reflecting the efficiency of your company’s mail server usage
  • includes task scheduler for automating report creation and delivery

How the program works

It’s as hard to imagine an office without access to e-mail as it is to find a large business where employees don’t use the company server for personal communication. If you are a manager, business owner, or IT specialist, you should know that there is a simple, quick, and inexpensive way to maintain control of the corporate e-mail system. Mail Access Monitor is a simple tool that analyses mail server logs and shows how much traffic is being used by e-mail, who sends and receives most messages, where the messages are being sent, and if e-mail abuse takes place in your office. The program works with all popular mail servers (MDaemon, Kerio MailServer, Merak Mail Server, MS Exchange Server, VisNetic MailServer, CommuniGate Pro, SendMail, PostFix and QMail) and builds charts that are easy to comprehend.

System requirements

  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008
  • 128 RAM
  • 10000 Kb free disk space.

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GFI Mail Essental

Powerful business anti-spam
This VBSpam-certified solution uses multiple anti-spam filters that combine SpamRazer technology, greylisting, IP reputation filtering, Bayesian filtering, and other advanced technologies to provide a spam capture rate of more than 99% and minimal false-positives, ensuring the safe delivery of important emails.

Use multiple antivirus engines
Multiple antivirus engines drastically reduce the time required to obtain the latest virus definitions, enabling a faster response to the latest threats. Since each engine features its own heuristics and detection methods, you gain maximum protection for your email environment

Enforce email content policy
Granular, user-based email content policy enforcement enables you to control content that enters and leaves your network via email. This function is based on real file type, dictionary keyword checks and regular expression checks, helping to protect your company from accidental or malicious data leaks while assisting with compliance efforts

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SecurityGateway for any Mail Server – Anti-virus & Anti Spam

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SecurityGateway for Email Servers

Layered Defenses and Flexible Configuration Improve Server Performance and Security.
SecurityGateway for Email Servers combines nearly two decades of email security expertise with proven security technologies to protect message traffic from malicious attacks, message tampering and email address identity theft. Using multiple security methods, SecurityGateway assures the accurate delivery of legitimate email while minimizing the potential of false positives.


SecurityGateway for Email Servers
SecurityGateway for Email Servers offers simple and easy-to-use features to analyze, manage, and report on the inbound and outbound email traffic patterns of Microsoft Exchange Server or any other SMTP email server.
SecurityGateway incorporates multiple defense layers that deliver comprehensive protection at the edge of your network to prevent spam, phishing, viruses, and other threats to your email communications. Built upon the industry standard Sieve mail filtering language, SecurityGateway for Email Servers offers performance and flexibility in managing inbound and outbound email traffic.

Protection from External Threats
SecurityGateway performs a variety of security tests on inbound email messages, to block outside threats from gaining access to your system. Performing multiple tests on inbound messages helps ensure that spammers don’t have a single point of entry which they can exploit.

  • AntiSpam
  • AntiVirus
  • AntiSpoofing
  • Email Authentication
  • AntiAbuse
  • Filtering
  • Blacklists
  • Whitelists

Protection from Internal Threats
SecurityGateway is an effective email security solution that not only blocks threats from outside of your network, but also from inside. SecurityGateway’s data leak prevention and policy enforcement features help ensure that sensitive company data is safe.

  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Policy Enforcement using Sieve Filter Language
  • Encryption: SSL and TLS

Administrator Options
SecurityGateway offers flexible protection with simple, easy-to-use settings for trouble-free administration. Administrative features help automate processes such as adding domains and users

  • Available in Multiple Languages
  • Control Panel GUI
  • Domains and Users
  • Multiple Domain Mail Handling
  • Message Quarantine Options
  • Database Maintenance
  • Disclaimer Available in Headers and Footers
  • Private Account Options

Performance Features
SecurityGateway can be fine-tuned for optimal performance. Defense Layer Customization allows administrators to change the order in which security rules will execute, while bandwidth throttling can be used to prevent email services from using all available bandwidth.

  • Defense Layer Customization
  • Bandwidth Throttling

Detailed Logs and Comprehensive Reports
SecurityGateway provides detailed logs for administrators and users, showing the status of each email (delivered, quarantined, rejected) – and why it was rejected or quarantined. Its comprehensive reporting helps administrators identify mail traffic patterns and potential problems. These logs and reports provide an at-a-glance overview of email traffic, as well as antivirus and anti-spam activity.

  • Detailed Logs
  • Comprehensive Reports

New Features : SecurityGateway 3

Annual Subscription Model
SecurityGateway for Email Servers is now licensed on an annual subscription model and includes technical support that is valid for 1 year (12 months) from the purchase date.


Outbreak Protection and CYREN AntiVirus Now Included
The ProtectionPlus add-on is no longer needed to add an additional layer of antivirus and spam protection to SecurityGateway, and has been discontinued. When upgrading to v.3.0 the installer will inform the user that it must automatically uninstall ProtectionPlus before proceeding. Please note that if upgrading from within the web interface, there is no opportunity for a prompt and that ProtectionPlus will be automatically uninstalled.

Kaspersky AntiVirus integration, which was previously provided via the ProtectionPlus add-on, has been replaced with CYREN AntiVirus, which is now built into SecurityGateway.

Dynamic Screening Updates
Dynamic Screening for failed SMTP authentication attempts now works across sessions over time. Previously, the failed authentication attempts had to occur within a single session. The failed authentication count for an IP is reset at midnight, or when it is blocked and added to the Dynamic Screening list.

New User Verification Source Options
A “User Verification Source Options” page has been added, with options that allow response caching and user re-verification to be configured.

Message Log Filtering Updates
When viewing the message log, administrators can now select “Released” as one of the search criteria.

Attachment Filtering Updates
Exclusions can now be configured for attachment filtering. You now have the ability to exclude whitelisted senders, authenticated sessions, and domain mail servers from attachment filtering.

Added “Spam” and “Not Spam” Buttons for Bayesian Learning to the Quarantine Views
Messages in the quarantine can be fed to SecurityGateway’s Bayesian learning system to improve the spam fitler’s accuracy in detecting spam and non-spam messages.

Improved Whitelisting or Blacklisting a Sender Directly from the Message Log or Quarantine

  • Added “Whitelist” and “Blacklist” button to the domain and global views.
  • Domain administrators can add the sender to the recipient domain’s list.
  • Global administrators can add the sender to the global list.
  • The sender’s domain can now be added as a wildcard entry.

Added Option to Automatically Redirect HTTP Requests for the Web Interface to HTTPS
HTTP requests for the web interface can be configured to automatically redirect to HTTPS for encrypted access to SecurityGateway.

Other Improvements

  • Domain administrators can now add the sender to the recipient domain’s list.
  • SecurityGateway.exe is now Large Address Aware, allowing it to use up to 4 GB of RAM on a 64-bit OS.
  • Updated Firebird database engine to version 2.1.5.
  • Updated ClamAV to version 0.98.
  • Added support for using the hostname returned by PTR lookup as a condition in sieve scripts

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ActiveSync for MDaemon

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MDaemon_boxshot_tmMDaemon Messaging Server* includes support for the latest version of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) (2.5, 12.1, 14.0, and 14.1 Protocols), which is a separately licensed ActiveSync (AirSync) server. ActiveSync provides native synchronization of a user’s default email, calendar, contacts, and tasks data between the MDaemon server, WorldClient (MDaemon’s Web-Based Email Client) or Outlook (using the Outlook Connector plug-in) account and an ActiveSync capable device. Other features include: Customizable Device IT Policies, Remote Wipe, Autodiscovery, Multiple Folder Synchronization, Global Address Lookup, SSL Encrypted Transmissions, Device Whitelists and Blacklists, Forgetting Inactive Devices, and Device Protocol Restrictions.

  • No middleware server to install and maintain
  • Direct connection between phone and server to avoid third party network downtime and security leakage
  • Ability to manage IT Policies

ActiveSync for MDaemon installs along with MDaemon but it is a separately licensed product that will run as a trial for 60 days. The trial begins when you install MDaemon and enable ActiveSync for the first time.

Product Features


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Outlook Connector for MDaemon

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Connector_boxshot_tmEnd users who want to use Microsoft Outlook as their preferred email client can do so when Outlook Connector for MDaemon is deployed. Outlook Connector provides groupware and collaboration functionality by connecting the MDaemon email server with the Outlook client to use Outlook’s email, calendar with free/busy scheduling, address book, distribution lists, tasks, and notes.

Many MDaemon deployments utilize a mix of MDaemon’s WorldClient for web-based email access and Outlook, depending on user preference. To ensure that Outlook Connector for MDaemon has optimal performance, please review and consider these guidelines before deployment.

Outlook Connector for MDaemon – Features

Outlook Connector for the MDaemon opens up the groupware collaboration functions of Microsoft Outlook® by using MDaemon as the email server. With Outlook Connector you can stay in touch with employees, co-workers, customers, and vendors by sharing these Outlook features.

  • Outlook Collaboration
  • Maintain Outlook Features
  • Enterprise Class Collaboration for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Out-of-Office Assistant
  • Apply Sharing Permissions
  • Multilingual Support
  • Advanced Settings
  • Small Business Licensing and Pricing

Outlook CollaborationoutlookMdaemon
Share Outlook messages, calendars, contacts, distribution lists, notes, tasks, and more using MDaemon as the mail server. Use the familiar tools of Outlook without learning a new groupware application. Calendar sharing is easy with Outlook Connector, with options ranging from view only to add, change, and delete appointments on others’ calendars.

Maintain Outlook FeaturesoutlookMdaemonMaintain
Outlook Connector works with popular Outlook features, including message grouping. Additions or changes made in Outlook are synchronized in real-time on the server without requiring the user to perform manual synchronization. It supports Outlook’s delivery confirmation and “Send Immediately” functions. Outlook Connector is easy to install and set up on both MDaemon and Outlook.

Enterprise Class Collaboration for Small- and Medium-Sized Businessesmdaemonenterprise
Large business collaboration features without complex and expensive professional IT support requirements. Simple to install, configure, and maintain without the need for extensive computer background or expensive certifications. Outlook Connector uses Industry standard SMTP and IMAP protocols to make operations reliable.

Easy Maintenance

  • Enable sharing by server or domain
  • Add users individually or in bulk
  • Automatically add Outlook users on first use
  • Keep contact lists up to date
  • The default settings of Outlook Connector create an easy entry point for beginners
  • Detailed configuration options provide fine-tuning controls for experienced users and IT professionals

Out-of-Office AssistantOut-of-Office-Assistant
Outlook Connector’s Out-of-Office Assistant makes it easy to create and enable vacation messages or auto-responders. You can enter a start and end date to automatically enable and disable your auto-responder.

Apply Sharing PermissionsEN_Outlook-Connector-For-MDaemon-Mail-Server_Folder-Permissions_tm
Options for sharing vary from only showing the availability of the information to allowing complete control to add, change and delete. When setting up sharing permissions, you can apply the permissions to the current folder and, optionally, all of its subfolders.

Multilingual Support
Outlook Connector is localized in
multiple languages
. When using system-level folders (such as Drafts, Calendar, and Contacts) Outlook Connector users see these folders names in their selected language, while Administrators of MDaemon see the names in English.

Advanced SettingsadvancdSettings
Outlook Connector’s advanced settings include SSL, TLS, and SMTP Authentication settings for secure email communications.

Small Business Licensing and Pricinglicensing
Licensing and pricing designed for flexibility and affordability. Outlook Connector for MDaemon includes one year of Software License Renewal, providing free upgrades to the latest product versions for the duration of the Software License Renewal term.

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SecurityPlus for MDaemon

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SecurityPlus for MDaemon

SecurityPlus for MDaemon provides the next generation of antivirus and spam protection for the MDaemon Messaging Server by halting viruses on all inbound and outbound email at the server before it’s passed on to client PCs, providing real-time spam, Recurrent Pattern Detection Technology (RPD™), Zero-Hour™ Virus Outbreak Protection, Inline Email Antivirus Protection, Urgent Update Notification, and more. It is the number one solution for safeguarding your MDaemon mail server.

To combat today’s ever-changing security threats and provide your organization with the strongest defense against spam, phishing, and viruses, download the free, fully functional, trial of SecurityPlus for MDaemon software today. Or, start protecting your organization’s email infrastructure by purchasing today!

Product Features

    SecurityPlus for MDaemon complements and extends the built-in security features of the MDaemon Mail Server, providing a shield to stop security trouble before it starts. By combining multiple powerful security safeguards, it blocks virtually all known dangers and prevents infestation by newly released threats. It automatically downloads and installs updates for hands-off administration. SecurityPlus is available in multiple languages and proactively protects email users against viruses, spam, phishing attacks, spyware, and other types of unwanted and harmful email.

  • Inline Antivirus Scanning
  • Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Protection
  • Recurrent Pattern Detection Technology
  • Urgent Update Notification
  • Versatile Control
  • Virus Log Files

Inline Antivirus Scanningantivirus
SecurityPlus scans messages inline during each SMTP session, effectively stopping malicious software at the email entrance to your network. When a corrupted message with a security threat is detected, SecurityPlus refuses to accept the email and any attachments.

Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Protectionantivirusoutbreak
Real-time pattern analysis provides much faster protection than traditional filter and signature based solutions that require detecting, defining, and disseminating new virus information. Outbreak Protection requires no heuristic rules, content filtering, or signature updates. Includes Real-time, anti-spam, zero-hour anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-phishing technology.

Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD™) Technology

  • Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) uses patented technology to identify patterns which are content agnostic to safeguard the original message. These patterns cannot be used to reconstruct the original message.
  • RPD extracts and then analyzes relevant patterns, which are used to identify massive email-borne outbreaks. It classifies both distribution and structural patterns within an email message.
  • RPD patterns are compared to the local cache which provides fast match results for more than 70% of the patterns. If a pattern is not in the local cache, RPD will query global data centers for a match to provide true real-time protection with the most up-to-date patterns. These global data center queries then update the cache to keep the most current patterns available locally.
  • RPD is designed to distinguish between the distribution patterns of solicited bulk emails, representing legitimate business correspondence, from those of unsolicited bulk emails, representing spam.
  • RPD identifies incoming threat messages with very few, if any false positives. Not only are the patterns content agnostic, they are also language-independent making it equally effective for all message formats and encoding types.

Urgent Update Notificationnotification
Provides additional antivirus definitions beyond regularly scheduled updates. When a high-risk virus threat is identified by Kaspersky Labs, you can select to be notified and trigger SecurityPlus to automatically initiate a database update of the latest virus definitions. Antivirus protection from Kaspersky Labs combines traditional antivirus defense methods with the latest proactive technologies to keep your organization safe from new and emerging threats.

Versatile ControlversatileControl
SecurityPlus for MDaemon detects infected attachments in both plain text and HTML messages. When an infected attachment is detected and you have selected to not block the message outright, you have the option to clean it, quarantine it, delete it, or allow MDaemon’s Content Filter to handle it. Specific domains and addresses may also be excluded from scanning altogether.

Log FileslogFiles
SecurityPlus for MDaemon includes an administrative log that keeps track of the type, time, and location of detected viruses.

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MDaemon Messaging Server

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MDaemon Messaging Server – Features
The MDaemon Messaging Server is trusted by customers in over 90 countries around the world to meet the needs of their small to medium-sized businesses. MDaemon is a reliable and secure mail server that does not require expensive administration or any impose high per-user costs. It simplifies messaging and collaboration requirements with an intuitive, user-friendly design offering enterprise-class features that can be managed with minimal training and support.

Mail Server.
Mail Server
MDaemon Messaging Server supports IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 protocols. It delivers solid performance from its feature-rich and user-friendly design. The mail server software delivers, low total cost of ownership (TCO) value designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized business customers. MDaemon is available in multiple languages and supports mailing lists, content filtering, multiple domains while offering flexible administration and an open standards design.

Email Security
Email Security
MDaemon incorporates multiple layers of security techniques such as Relay Controls, IP Shielding, SMTP Authentication, and reverse lookups to minimize possible server exploits. It uses the advanced email authentication techniques of Vouch By Reference (VBR), and also validates and signs messages using DKIM, DK, Sender-ID, and SPF. Combined with its antispam engine, Bayesian Learning, SSL/TSL, backscatter protection, and SecurityPlus for MDaemon’s proactive malware prevention it provides layered protection to safeguard your messaging communications.

Email Encryption
Email Encryption
MDaemon allows you to encrypt your emails and attachments. On the client-side, WorldClient users can enable basic encryption features when sending emails and attachments within the WorldClient settings menu. On the server-side, ‘Open PGP’ for MDaemon has been added to give administrators the ability to use encryption, decryption, and basic key management capabilities through OpenPGP support.

Email Archiving
Email Archiving
MDaemon’s integrated email message archiving capabilities make it easy to safeguard your email messages to address regulatory requirements and the IT policies of your business.

Mobile Device Management
Mobile Device Management
Looking for wireless access to email, calendar, contacts, or tasks using your mobile device? MDaemon works with many popular mobile devices so that regardless of platform, you will have access to your important information wherever you are.

MDaemon Remote Administration
MDaemon Remote Administration
MDaemon includes a convenient Remote Administration tool, that provides administrators full access to all of MDaemon’s features from any computer with a web browser and an Internet connection. This allows you to do everything from adding or editing accounts, to directly editing configuration files, to reviewing logs for troubleshooting mail delivery issues, and so on. With MDaemon’s built-in SSL capabilities, remote admin can even be accessed via a secure connection using HTTPS.

WorldClient (Web-Based Email)
MDaemon’s WorldClient (Web-Based Email) is easy to use and offers all of the features needed by small-to-medium business customers. It provides groupware collaboration for sharing email folders, calendars with free/busy scheduling, contacts, distribution lists, tasks, and notes. Offering desktop mail performance from wherever you are with Internet service and a web browser.

WorldClient Instant Messenger
WorldClient Instant Messenger
WorldClient Instant Messenger is a ‘Closed Instant Messaging desktop client’ (app) included free with MDaemon, that provides highly secure Instant Messaging (IM), logging, file sharing, group chat, address book synchronization, and an email notification tray applet that provides quick access to MDaemon’s WorldClient features.

Exchange Migration
Exchange Migration
Moving from one email server to another typically poses a significant challenge. But, MDaemon Messaging Server makes it simple. The integrated MDMigrator feature, included with MDaemon, is designed specifically to migrate your data from Exchange to MDaemon with a few simple steps that will have you up and running on MDaemon with minimal downtime.

MDaemon 15.5 New Features

Server-Side Email Encryption
On the server side, Open PGP for MDaemon has been added to give administrators the ability to use the encryption, decryption, and basic key management capabilities through OpenPGP support. This additional layer helps administrators who want to ensure user compliance by managing encryption settings at the server versus the user implemented in the client level. Also, MDaemon’s Content Filter, now contains actions to encrypt and decrypt messages. And finally, server-side encryption capabilities are beneficial when using email archiving with MDaemon.

CalDAV Support
CalDAV allows users to view and update all calendars to which they have access on all compatible CalDAV clients. Notable CalDAV clients include Apple iCal (Included with Mac OS X), Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad), and Mozilla Thunderbird via the Lightning calendar plugin.

Do Not Disturb
The Do Not Disturb feature allows administrators to set a timeframe during which users are not allowed to access their accounts to check their email. During the Do Not Disturb period, accounts can still receive email, but users cannot send or check for mails using SMTP, IMAP, POP, WorldClient or ActiveSync.

Password Recovery – for WorldClient (Web-Based Email)
The password recovery feature allows users to designate a password recovery email address. When a user has forgotten the password, they can click on a “Forgot password?” link which takes them to a page where they can confirm their password recovery email address. When this address is entered correctly, a link to a page that allows the user to change their password is sent to that address.

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