Partner Products

AVM, Germany
Founded in 1986 in Berlin, AVM is one of the top two manufacturers of ADSL devices in Europe. With over 50 percent of the market share, it is the leading manufacturer in Germany (Europe’s largest market). AVM has 425 employees and has generated a turnover of €200 million in the 2009 fiscal year. The Berlin-based communications specialist has received numerous awards for its innovative FRITZ!Box product range which was developed and produced in Germany. FRITZ!Box enables fast, user-friendly DSL access, easy networking, inexpensive Internet telephony and versatile multimedia applications.
Control Now , UK
ControlNow is one of the ‘born in the cloud’ IT management solutions. ControlNow enables companies to deal with the emerging realities of IT in which the fragmentation of IT service delivery poses new challenges for IT administrators. ControlNow delivers secure business systems using a mixture of on-premise, cloud-based and mobile services and applications.
ControlNow is part of the LogicNow product portfolio. LogicNow was created when GFI Software restructured to support rapid growth across its portfolio. ControlNow is the LogicNow brand for the former GFI Cloud and MailEssentials Online products.
GFI Software, UK
GFI Software provides a single source of web and mail security, archiving, backup and fax, networking and security software and hosted IT solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With award-winning technology, an aggressive pricing strategy, and a strong focus on the unique requirements of small to medium-sized enterprises, GFI Software satisfies the needs of SMEs on a global scale. GFI has offices in the USA (North Carolina, California and Florida), the UK (London and Dundee), Austria, Australia, Malta, Hong Kong, Philippines and Romania, which together support hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide. GFI Software is a channel-focused company with a global network of thousands of partners. GFI is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
Lantronix, USA
Lantronix®, Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRX) was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Irvine, California. With worldwide locations and a strong channel presence in Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific, Latin American and Australia, they are a global leader in secure communication technologies that simplify remote access, management, and control of virtually any electronic device regardless of location.Their innovative solutions enable businesses to make better decisions based on real-time information and are utilized in almost every vertical market including: security, industrial automation, medical/healthcare, IT/data center, government, transportation, pro AV/signage, retail, power and utilities, and many others.
Mainpine, USA
Mainpine was founded in 1997 to address the fax, data and voice communications markets, with the aim being to provide products using the latest technology and manufacturing techniques, to deliver high quality at sensible prices. Since 1997, Mainpine has seen year-on-year growth in it’s revenue and customer base. It was the first European company to produce a PCI multi-port modem, while also being the first to obtain approval to carry the PCI logo.
QBIK, New Zealand
Founded in 1995, Qbik is a software development company specializing in Internet connectivity and security. Qbik has a range of software products allowing users to manage their Internet connectivity (WinGate), connect remote offices together (WinGate VPN), and combat network security issues (NetPatrol).When it was first released in October 1995, WinGate was the world’s first Internet connection sharing proxy solution for Microsoft Windows. It allowed multiple users simultaneous access to the Internet over a single connection. Since then, WinGate has evolved into a sophisticated yet easy-to-use Internet connectivity management suite.
Famatech (founded in 1999) is best known for its award-winning Remote Administrator (Radmin). Radmin is the leading remote control software used on millions of desktops around the world. Famatech’s Remote Control Technology enables technicians to provide optimal network management, remote support and helpdesk services. The company follows a very successful strategy of providing maximum assistance to corporate helpdesks, system integrators and Value Added Resellers specializing in providing network services.
RED LINE Software
Red Line Software was established in 2003 and is now one of the leaders in internet access monitoring and activity control solutions. SurfCop, Internet Access Monitor, Mail Access Monitor, and Printer Activity Monitor allows Management to efficiently monitor the use of company resources. All their products have a very simple installation procedure as well as a simple and convenient interface which will help you use them as efficiently as possible.
SystemBase, Korea
SystemBase is a leading developer & manufacturer of serial communication networking devices which has dedicated itself solely to serial communication technology for over two decades since its inception in 1987. SystemBase focuses on providing the finest serial communication devices in the industry, to system integrators, OEMs and to end-users through its high qualified in-house engineering core.
SystemBase’s product lineup consists of semiconductors, embedded modules, serial mulitports, serial converters and serial device servers. All SystemBase products are designed and built with SystemBase engineering technology from the chip level. SystemBase holds a steady dominance in the domestic (Korean) market and it’s products have been deployed to 23 countries and over 7,000 customers worldwide, in fields of industrial automation, building automation, telecommunications, security systems, utilities and POS/retail.
Threat Track Security, USA
ThreatTrack Security specializes in helping organizations identify and eliminate Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), targeted attacks and other sophisticated malware that is designed to evade traditional cyber defenses which are deployed by enterprises and government agencies worldwide.