CAN Frame Analyzer

uCAN v2.0

  • With USB Port uCAN send/receive CAN Frame. DLL is provided for customization when programming for uCAN. With DLL, developers can control uCAN easily.
  • ‘uCAN View’ utility provided to use CAN Frame Analyzer/Exerciser features
  • Interface(DLL) provided to program for uCAN
  • Maximum CAN speed: 1Mbps
  • Compatible with CAN 2.0A / CAN 2.0B
  • Industrial Operating Temperature (-40~85℃)
  • Check communication status with TX/RX LED
  • ±15kV ESD Protection
  • No extra driver installation required
  • Power from USB bus

Ordering Informaiton

Model Number Description
uCAN v2.0 uCAN(CAN Frame Analyzer) CD(uCAN View utility, uCAN DLL and sample code, user manual included)