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Self Defence

Advanced threat detection. Endpoint antivirus for knockout network defense.

Easily configure ControlAntivirus on all your servers, workstations and laptops from a central point of control. In minutes, you’ll activate advanced threat monitoring and real-time threat detection across your endpoints as part of your defense against malware and zero-day dangers.

  • Threat monitoring includes Active Protection™, heuristics and signature analysis
  • Malware processing tools analyze hundreds of thousands of threat samples every day
  • ControlAntivirus threat definitions updated multiple times per day

Out of sight, out of mindav_group_based_policy_management_-_antivirus_0
What’s more maddening than a PC slowed by antivirus updates and virus scans? With ControlAntivirus this problem is a thing of the past. You gain access to real-time threat analysis that doesn’t drain system resources or slow machines. Chances are your users won’t even realize the robust protection that’s keeping their IT environment virus-free.

  • Easily remove existing antivirus to avoid conflicts, so you’re up and running in minutes
  • Deploy and manage via the lightweight ControlNow agent

Endpoint scansav_single_device_summary2
Our AV solution is designed to install and scan on the endpoint. This means critical (and often confidential) data such as customer records and internal financial documents don’t leave your network for scanning in the cloud. Even when your laptops are not connected to the Internet, they are still being protected.

  • Configure scan schedules, remediation action and exclusions
  • Control and manage from the console across your entire IT network

Keep remote machines safeav_policy_properties_03
A growing number of companies are embracing the idea of the remote workforce. But there’s a challenge that comes with the concept: How do you ensure the network-connected machines of these workers remain protected at all times? Since ControlNow moves antivirus management to the cloud, you can quickly and easily access remote laptops and PCs – regardless of where they’re located.

  • Set group policies and authorize individual control
  • Receive real-time alerts and reporting on threats to your network

Removable device scanningav_scan_settings4
Much like the challenges of mobility, removable devices such as USB flash drives can pose big problems if they’re compromised and connected to your network. It’s a risk to hope workers’ storage drives are clean. Why leave anything to chance? The beauty of ControlAntivirus is it automatically scans before these devices establish connectivity – and have the chance to do damage.

  • Quarantine threat notifications so you can take action
  • Start immediately by setting default polices

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Threat IQ

Real-Time Threat Intelligence
In the cyber-defense arena, every minute counts. That’s why when we receive critical security data, we share it through ThreatTrack Security’s ThreatIQ service.
Enterprises and government agencies are learning – in many cases the hard way – that a critical key to defending themselves against increasingly sophisticated malware and cybercrime is by bolstering their network security through real-time threat intelligence.
ThreatIQ is the up-to-the-minute threat awareness most enterprises lack. It gives you access to a constant stream of malicious URLs and IP addresses, suspected malicious files, phishing links, and other malware data processed by our labs and supported by our extensive peering and partner relationships with security organizations worldwide.


Use the data provided by ThreatIQ to ensure your firewall, IDS/IPS, gateways, mail security and other defenses are protecting you from malware and other threats as they emerge. With ThreatIQ, as soon as our lab spots a malicious URL, you’ll know it, which is critical to increasing your response time and strengthening your security posture.

In-Depth Custom Analysis
If you want to understand how a malware sample will behave in your IT environment, retrieve it from ThreatIQ and execute it within ThreatAnalyzer – our dynamic malware analysis sandbox software – so you can more confidently report on the status of your network and completely remediate any damage done in the event of a breach.


The Protection and Flexibility You Need
All ThreatIQ customers receive access to the ThreatIQ Essentials Reports. These real-time data streams encompass the most critical threat intelligence you need to strengthen your enterprise security, and they include:

  • Malicious Web Based Block Report
  • Suspicious Web Based Alert Report
  • Malicious Web Based Phishing Report

For customers looking for more in-depth threat intelligence, including precise malware behavior analysis, we offer powerful add-on reporting packs, including:

  • Dynamic Behavioral Analysis Report
  • Border Patrol Report
  • Malware Network Report

Moreover, ThreatIQ customers also can access our Malware Executable Repository, which is a collection of malware binaries with MD5 hashes for retrieval and analysis.

Our cybersecurity specialists can help you create the ThreatIQ data package that’s right for you.
Request information today!

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Threat Security – Networks

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Threat Security Network

Advanced Threat Protection for Networks and Web

Stop Advanced Attack Campaigns Faster
ThreatSecure Network detects advanced attack campaigns in progress and identifies changes in behavior to reveal malicious intent. This aggregation of both threat-related instances and anomalous network activity provides security analysts with a single, comprehensive view of malicious activity for faster, more confident decision-making.
ThreatSecure Network connects security events and allows for deeper analysis.

What the heck is Malicious Intent?
Detecting malicious intent involves making inferences from early malware infections, lateral movement, replication, and exploration across your network which may indicate a breach or attack is in progress.

ThreatSecure Network goes beyond traditional monitoring and detection to reveal malicious intent. The solution looks beyond the infection to activity before and after a threat is identified and uncovers the patterns that may be otherwise missed as a threat. This correlation of behavior and activity allows ThreatSecure Network to anticipate and infer the malicious intent from that behavior.

This approach is far more effective than traditional signature-based and machine-learning systems, delivering visibility of attack campaigns in progress for faster response and remediation.

Powerful Analytics
ThreatSecure Network delivers enhanced visibility across the network – an aggregation of network protocols and services across all devices – making it much more than just a malware detection and remediation solution.

Thressions™ – Threat Sessions

ThreatSecure Network’s analytics component is designed to identify and build detailed threat sessions orThressions™ that are used to understand the context and progression of the attacks.

TS Labs – Network Visibility

– Understanding what is expected traffic on an organization’s network is imperative to efficiently isolating a potential issue when the time arises. With ThreatSecure Network’s TS Labs, all the organization’s traffic flows are available.

Monitor and Detect
It’s an unfortunate fact that something will get through your defenses. When it does, ThreatSecure Network will be there to catch it and allow you to respond before it does any real damage.
Intuitive, Powerful Interface
ThreatSecure Network provides intuitive dashboards and analytics that make information easy to consume and understand. The logical user interface also allows analysts to dig deeper – to pivot their data views on the IP address of the source of the threat, the IP address of the target of the threat and the malware sample (when it has been discovered before). In all these cases, the full data of the entity in question is provided in time histograms and top ten occurrences.

ThreatSecure Network Features

ThreatSecure Network monitors all traffic across all ports to detect advanced attack campaigns in progress and identify changes in behavior to reveal malicious intent.

Full Threat Detection and Blocking
  • Identify applications and devices generating and receiving malicious traffic
  • Extract files from within the traffic
  • Analyze and determine the threat of a large category of files using its behavioral determination engine
  • Analyze user-generated links’ payloads for the discovery of malicious URLs
  • Correlate network activity observed during analysis using the behavior determination engine with the observations collected from your organization’s traffic – both in the past as well as on an ongoing basis
  • Block and report on sessions that are associated with malicious URLs
Correlation and Drill-Down Reveals Malicious Intent
  • Attacker and target network devices
  • Applications and services involved
  • Payloads in transit
  • Timeline of the attack
Intuitive, Powerful Interface Enables Analysts to Pivot Data Views on
  • IP address of the source of the threat
  • IP address of the target of the threat
  • Malware sample
  • Histograms and top ten occurrences

Other Features Include:

  • Monitor in promiscuous mode
  • SDN framework used to capture and block network traffic on several protocols and data layers
  • Identifies applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, etc
  • Malicious session blocking using an embedded IPS engine
  • Near real-time malware analysis performed locally
  • Performance of analyzing data streams up to 1 Gbps

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Threat Security – Email

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Threat Secure Email

Advanced Threat Detection and Remediation for Email

The New Standard in Defense Against Security Threats
ThreatSecure Email is setting a new standard in advanced threat protection by enabling users to quickly identify and isolate risks associated with Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), targeted attacks and Zero-day threats.

With ThreatSecure Email, you will detect malware that others can’t, automate the remediation of today’s advanced threats and simplify the entire malware defense experience.


ThreatSecure Email reduces your exposure to advanced threats and data-breaching malware through innovative threat detection technology that combines static and dynamic analysis with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to determine whether a suspicious file or link is malicious – quickly identifying malware that evades most cyber defenses.

Unlike other products on the market, ThreatSecure Email doesn’t stop there. Once threats are discovered, it enables you to deploy custom remediation packages to any compromised systems regardless of what endpoint security solution you use. This closed-loop endpoint remediation is an industry first, ensuring users can completely eliminate any malware threat and stop breaches before they occur.

Revolutionize Your Malware Defense
Detect malware others can’t with industry leading behavioral analysis and machine learning algorithms that identify APTs, targeted attacks and Zero-days.
Automate threat remediation with the click of a mouse by deploying custom remediation packages to compromised systems, regardless of what endpoint security solution you use.
Simplify threat protection by eliminating the noise of overwhelming alerts from disparate systems, enabling your team to quickly focus and respond to the biggest threats you face right now.

Eliminate Your #1 Threat Vector
For many organizations email is the top threat vector for targeted attacks, which often begin with malicious links, attachments and spear phishing campaigns that evade traditional signature-based defenses.
ThreatSecure Email neutralizes these threats, ensuring your email is free of advanced malware by analyzing all attachments and links.
In addition to alerting you to all newly discovered threats, ThreatSecure Email simplifies incident response. It provides the in-depth intelligence users need to understand their exposure to each threat, including which users are being targeted, what kind of malware is targeting their network, how the malware is being delivered, where threats originated and more. This wealth of actionable data enables you to prioritize threat response activities and better defend your organization from persistent cyber-attack campai

ThreatSecure Email Features
ThreatSecure Email is an advanced threat defense solution that protects against spear-phishing and targeted malware attacks that bypass traditional defenses. Cybercriminals have developed increasingly sophisticated attacks to bypass anti-spam and email filtering technologies and infiltrate your network. ThreatSecure Email identifies suspicious emails, detects malicious attachments or links, and stops them before they can reach their target, without relying on signatures.

Find What Others Can’t
  • Proactive detection
  • Accurate and comprehensive analysis
  • Command & control
  • Machine learning
Get the Answer Faster
  • Real-time notification workflows
  • Interactive dashboard and views
  • Comprehensive search capabilities
Cloud-Based Remediation
  • Closed-loop remediation on the endpoint
  • ThreatNet remediation cloud
  • Works with Third-Party Solutions
    • Use alongside your cyber defenses

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Threat Analyser

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Threat Analyser

Dynamic Malware Analysis

Know Your Exposure to Cyber Threats
ThreatAnalyzer is the industry’s only malware analysis solution that enables you to completely and accurately quantify the risk and exposure your organization faces from any malware threat.
“Sandbox customization is theonly way to adequately detect and stop targeted attacks”, As a fully customizable platform, ThreatAnalyzer enables you to recreate your entire application stack (including virtual and native environments) in which you can detonate malicious code to see exactly how malware will behave across all your network and systems configurations. Moreover, custom malware determination rules help
you fine tune ThreatAnalyzer to be on the alert for suspicious behavior and activity that concern you most, such as anomalous access to sensitive systems, data exfiltration to foreign domains, queries made to custom applications and more.
Within minutes of detonating a malware sample, you will know exactly which system configurations on your network are vulnerable to any threat, enabling you to instantly respond by isolating systems and implementing defenses to prevent infections.

Bolster Your Defense Against APTs,Targeted Attacks and Zero-Days
As the first sandbox to market, ThreatAnalyzer has long been recognized as a leader in malware analysis and a key tool for malware researchers and incident response professionals. ThreatAnalyzer delivers more detailed analysis, of more types of malware, from more virtual and native applications than any other sandbox technology.
More agile and versatile than ever, ThreatAnalyzer is easily incorporated into enterprise network security teams’ arsenal of cyber defenses, enabling them to streamline the malware analysis process and quickly generate rich threat intelligence unique to their environment that they can act upon to protect their network from data-breaching malware.

Automate, Analyze and Act
ThreatAnalyzer enables you to better understand the threats that pose the greatest risk to your network in three steps:

Automate :

Quickly recreate events to collect valuable data by automating the analysis of malware samples, including APTs, Zero-days and targeted attacks

Analyze :

– Generate the in-depth analysis you need to fully understand each threat and the risk to your organization

Act :

Improve response times from hours or days to just minutes by using malware behavioral data

ThreatAnalyzer Features
ThreatAnalyzer (formerly CWSandbox) runs executable files and URLs in a monitored environment – exactly as a user would – to analyze and determine potential risks. The solution automates behavior analysis to identify, stop and eliminate Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), targeted attacks, Zero-day threats and other sophisticated malware through:

Customizable Environments
  • Analysis across all system configurations
  • Custom file types and applications
    • Extensive Analysis
      • Threat dashboards
      • Multiple analysis comparison
        • Comprehensive array of reports
          • PDF report
          • HTML/XML/JSON report
          • ZIP archive
          • PCAP file
            • Workflows and APIs
              • Sandbox grouping
              • Analysis through simulated reboot
              • User interaction simulation

Vipre Business Anti-Virus & Email Security Software

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Business & Enterprise Antivirus

ThreatTrack Security understands the challenges businesses and organizations of all sizes face when it comes to securing their networks. We know that cybercriminals don’t care if you’re a small business or a FORTUNE 500 company. To them, you’re a target, and businesses that fail to defend their networks and PCs against today’s increasingly sophisticated malware threats have made themselves the best targets of all.
High-Performance Business Antivirus
VIPRE Business Premium is our most robust enterprise and business antivirus solution that combines antivirus, integrated patch management, Mobile Device Management (MDM) and more to centrally manage and defend PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices.
VIPRE Antivirus Business is the small-footprint antivirus and Mobile Device Management (MDM) software that enables IT administrators to centrally protect and manage PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Product Features


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