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Archive Server for MDaemon save your emails and retrieve them in a snap

Versatile Email Filing – Fast!

  • Do you know exactly where all of your emails are?
  • Can you index your emails by key words in the messages?
  • Does your corporate email system file all incoming and outgoing emails Automatically, Safely, and Confidentially?

Today, emails have legal status: retrieving exactly what was written means controlling the situation. You just can’t risk losing an email or misplacing one or accidentally deleting a message.
Do you really have the time to call technical assistance every time you cannot find something?
Or, even worse, do you really enjoy asking your better clients to resend you a message they mailed you three months go, because you cannot find their email?

With Archive Server for MDaemon, you know exactly where all of your emails are
You can retrieve them quickly and you will not lose messages among the thousands.
You can locate essential emails by combining several parameters: sequence of words, time range, recipients, subject matter, and senders.
With a couple of clicks you create a cross-referenced index of all your correspondence, pinpointing the information you need.
Then, you can put that information in your own inbox for immediate access. Or you can forward it – to clients, consultants, colleagues, and superiors.
Even retrieving attachments and saving them to your PC is a breeze.
On the corporate level, everyone can retrieve their emails without calling technical assistance.All incoming and outgoing emails are filed automatically, safely, and confidentially company wide. Accounts and authorizations are handled flexibly and ensure the privacy of the users.
Try now Archive Server for MDaemon for free it only takes five minutes. Use all the functions this plug-in has to offer for 30 days, for free.
If you like what you get and what you can do, just purchase the activation key before the trial period is over. You can convert your current trial version into the fully operational version, with everything already in order. You won’t have to reinstall a thing. And, if you decide to purchase after your 30-day free trial, you can convert your trial version without reinstalling it so that the system never misses a beat and functions completely.
MDaemon appears in the name of our product by courtesy of Alt-N Technologies. We would like to thank Alt-N and encourage you to visit to check their great products.

Your email needs Archive Server for MDaemon
You need email to negotiate business, accept and place orders, send classified documents.
But what does your email need? A versatile archive where all messages are saved in secure files with quick access for every system user.

How Archive Server for MDaemon plug-in works
Archive Server for MDaemon is a MDaemon plug-in and has to be installed on the web server where MDaemon mail server is running.
The following picture shows MDaemon and Archive Server for MDaemon working together.
Archive Server for MDaemon copies all inbound and outbound emails in the archive, while the email client interacts with MDaemon mail server. The archive (database plus file system on a disk) may be on a remote host.
Users don’t need to do anything but using email client as usual: Archive Server for MDaemon automatically files all the emails.

Users refer to email archive via web, querying Archive Server for MDaemon with a Web Browser. They can locate emails by combining several parameters and send them in their own inbox or forward it to another. Even retrieving attachments and saving them is a breeze.


Ease of use

Archive Server for MDaemon can be downloaded and installed in less than 15 minutes.After installing it on your server, it is immediately ready to use:

  • You don’t need to install or configure software for the network users;
  • Users don’t have to do anything different at all
  • The users search directly through the browser
  • Archiving email is automatic


Archive Server for MDaemon’s main function is making searches in emails.

Export emails

After doing a search you can create an Excel spreadsheet “on the fly” with the same information shown in your search results.


The system is completely administrated through the browser

User rights

Archive Server for Email lets you grant differing rights to different system users, for efficient use of email archives

Privacy & Security

Archive Server for Email is especially attentive to privacy issues and safeguarding personal data.


Auditing is the procedure that aims to safeguard the users’ privacy


Archive Server for Email draws up statistics on email use on the server level, on the domain level, and on the user level


Sender, recipient, subject, date and all the words of the email messages are stored in a database


Archive Server for MDaemon starts archiving email messages just at the end of the installation

Spam and virus

You can ask Archive Server for MDaemon to archive emails flagged as infected by viruses as well as those flagged as spam, so that you can check them later

Exclusion lists

Archive Server for MDaemon checks all the words found in the subject and body of email messages and archives them in a database where it indexes them so you can search by key word.

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