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Threat Secure Email

Advanced Threat Detection and Remediation for Email

The New Standard in Defense Against Security Threats
ThreatSecure Email is setting a new standard in advanced threat protection by enabling users to quickly identify and isolate risks associated with Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), targeted attacks and Zero-day threats.

With ThreatSecure Email, you will detect malware that others can’t, automate the remediation of today’s advanced threats and simplify the entire malware defense experience.


ThreatSecure Email reduces your exposure to advanced threats and data-breaching malware through innovative threat detection technology that combines static and dynamic analysis with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to determine whether a suspicious file or link is malicious – quickly identifying malware that evades most cyber defenses.

Unlike other products on the market, ThreatSecure Email doesn’t stop there. Once threats are discovered, it enables you to deploy custom remediation packages to any compromised systems regardless of what endpoint security solution you use. This closed-loop endpoint remediation is an industry first, ensuring users can completely eliminate any malware threat and stop breaches before they occur.

Revolutionize Your Malware Defense
Detect malware others can’t with industry leading behavioral analysis and machine learning algorithms that identify APTs, targeted attacks and Zero-days.
Automate threat remediation with the click of a mouse by deploying custom remediation packages to compromised systems, regardless of what endpoint security solution you use.
Simplify threat protection by eliminating the noise of overwhelming alerts from disparate systems, enabling your team to quickly focus and respond to the biggest threats you face right now.

Eliminate Your #1 Threat Vector
For many organizations email is the top threat vector for targeted attacks, which often begin with malicious links, attachments and spear phishing campaigns that evade traditional signature-based defenses.
ThreatSecure Email neutralizes these threats, ensuring your email is free of advanced malware by analyzing all attachments and links.
In addition to alerting you to all newly discovered threats, ThreatSecure Email simplifies incident response. It provides the in-depth intelligence users need to understand their exposure to each threat, including which users are being targeted, what kind of malware is targeting their network, how the malware is being delivered, where threats originated and more. This wealth of actionable data enables you to prioritize threat response activities and better defend your organization from persistent cyber-attack campai

ThreatSecure Email Features
ThreatSecure Email is an advanced threat defense solution that protects against spear-phishing and targeted malware attacks that bypass traditional defenses. Cybercriminals have developed increasingly sophisticated attacks to bypass anti-spam and email filtering technologies and infiltrate your network. ThreatSecure Email identifies suspicious emails, detects malicious attachments or links, and stops them before they can reach their target, without relying on signatures.

Find What Others Can’t
  • Proactive detection
  • Accurate and comprehensive analysis
  • Command & control
  • Machine learning
Get the Answer Faster
  • Real-time notification workflows
  • Interactive dashboard and views
  • Comprehensive search capabilities
Cloud-Based Remediation
  • Closed-loop remediation on the endpoint
  • ThreatNet remediation cloud
  • Works with Third-Party Solutions
    • Use alongside your cyber defenses

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