Serial to Ethernet Adaptor Module


Serial to Ethernet Adaptor Module

  • EAD is a protocol converter which transmits the Serial Data sent by equipment, as TCP packets to the LAN / Network and converts the TCP / IP data received from the LAN / Network back to Serial data and sends it to the equipment. EAD also supports UDP Protocol for Broadcast applications.
  • EAD Module is a low cost, high performance, Serial RS 232 / RS 485 / RS 422 to Ethernet LAN 10 / 100 Mbps connectivity system. It uses the TCP / IP protocol and is based on ARM Cortex M4 High speed 32 – bit Microprocessor. EAD Module has built-in web server which can be configured through a Web browser. It contains a factory default switch to load the default configuration settings.

Features & Specifications

Serial Interface
Interface RS 232 & RS 485 / RS 422
Connectors 4×2 Berg Pins for RS 232, 2×3 Berg Pins for RS 485 / RS 422
Data Rates 300 to 115200 bps
Data Bits 7 or 8
Parity Odd, Even and No Parity
Stop Bits 1 or 2
Network Interface
Interface Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Base-TX Connector
Connectors RJ 45 Female
Protocols TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, MAC, Telnet, DHCP, HTTP, SNMP & MODBUS (Optional)
Indicators on board
Red Power ON
Green Transmit Data from Serial
Yellow Receive Data to Serial
Indicators on RJ45
Orange Link
Green Connection Status
CPU ARM Cortex M4
Input 5 to 18 V DC
RS 485/422
Maximum No. of nodes 256
Maximum Cable Length 1200 m
Isolation >2500 Vrms
Operating 0 °C to 55 °C
Storage –4 °C to 66 °C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 46 mm(L) x 46.5 mm(W) x 32 mm (H)
Weight 30 g
Warranty 3 Months


  • Access Management in hospitality industry.
  • Attendance reading and access control systems.
  • Bar-code readers and printers.
  • Building Automation & Control.
  • Card verification kiosks.
  • CNC machine control.
  • Industrial Automation.
  • Moving digital display board and Video projector remote management.
  • Patient monitoring.
  • UPS monitoring, windmill monitoring and control.
  • Vending machine monitoring and control.
Part Number Description
1106001034 EAD-01-103 MODULE N
1106001898 EAD-01-103 MODULE N TTL

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