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Remote Control

Connect with one click
Deliver support that quickly fixes remote company computers – even if those machines are unattended. It doesn’t matter whether the machine you need to access is within reach or beyond the walls of the office. From your own workspace, you can quickly and easily take control remotely to fix issues. Just one click opens a fast, secure connection. With ControlRemote, you don’t need to first contact the user or enter additional login credentials.

  • Establish a connection at any time, from virtually anywhere
  • Conduct secure sessions via fully encrypted data channels: 2048-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encoding

Combine and conquer
Fixing issues after an employee alerts you to the problem is disruptive; it’s the nature of reactive problem-solving. However, by combining ControlRemote with ControlMonitoring, you become proactive: You can spot and address issues before your co-workers are even aware a problem existed. Better yet, you can schedule preventative maintenance at a time convenient for you and the colleague you’re helping.

  • Manage multiple IT management services from a single web-based console

Fully stocked toolbox
Businesses use many services and software to effectively manage their IT environment. You need multiple tools at your disposal, too. ControlRemote enables you to record sessions, including conversion to the AVI video format, and instant message with remote users. It’s like you are sitting in front of the machine!

  • Locally print files from the remote computer
  • Synchronize clipboards to share files, images and text between machines

Master multi-tasking
Stretched thin? The number of machines you need to manage isn’t all that’s increased. The demand on your time has grown too. Meeting this challenge requires the ability to multi-task, which ControlRemote enables you to do. Rather than handle issues one by one, you can manage multiple connections in different tabs and look at separate monitors via the multi-monitor view

  • Establish multiple connections in separate windows
  • Integrate screenshots within the remote control session

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