• Network Isolator provides complete isolation to every electrically conducting connection between devices that are connected via a copper-based Ethernet network.
      • The Network Isolators prevents current flow resulting from differences in electrical potentials, while also protecting the connected devices and their users from stray external voltages & power surges. Power surges can be directly or inductively coupled onto the network lines by causes such as installation errors, lighting, switching operations & electrostatic discharge.
      • The Network Isolator facilitates a safe Ethernet connection when incorporated as a part of the product.

Features & Specifications

Isolation 6000 Vrms
Protection Rating IP54
Ethernet Connector RJ45 Jack, Straight
RJ45 Mating Cycle > 250 Cycles
Transmission Speed 10/100 Base-T
Insertion Loss -1.5 dB @ 100k – 100 MHz
Crosstalk -40 dB @ 1MHz-100MHz
Housing Colour Black
Housing Material Plastic
Weight (approx) 75g
Dimension 101x52x25 mm
Operating Temp -40 °C to +85 °C
Warranty 1 Year


      • Patient Protection
        Electrical separation of Ethernet interfaces of medical electrical (ME) devices and systems, where patients must be protected from dangerous leakage currents, in conformity with applicable standards.
      • Equipment Protection
        Applications, in which valuable devices or those requiring special protection need to be protected againstripple, mains hum, and surge voltages from the network periphery.
      • Measurement Technology
        Electrical measuring and monitoring equipment, which needs to be protected against external voltagesand interference voltages arising from the Ethernet periphery.
Model Number Description
NI Network Isolator


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