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Self Defence

Advanced threat detection. Endpoint antivirus for knockout network defense.

Easily configure ControlAntivirus on all your servers, workstations and laptops from a central point of control. In minutes, you’ll activate advanced threat monitoring and real-time threat detection across your endpoints as part of your defense against malware and zero-day dangers.

  • Threat monitoring includes Active Protection™, heuristics and signature analysis
  • Malware processing tools analyze hundreds of thousands of threat samples every day
  • ControlAntivirus threat definitions updated multiple times per day

Out of sight, out of mindav_group_based_policy_management_-_antivirus_0
What’s more maddening than a PC slowed by antivirus updates and virus scans? With ControlAntivirus this problem is a thing of the past. You gain access to real-time threat analysis that doesn’t drain system resources or slow machines. Chances are your users won’t even realize the robust protection that’s keeping their IT environment virus-free.

  • Easily remove existing antivirus to avoid conflicts, so you’re up and running in minutes
  • Deploy and manage via the lightweight ControlNow agent

Endpoint scansav_single_device_summary2
Our AV solution is designed to install and scan on the endpoint. This means critical (and often confidential) data such as customer records and internal financial documents don’t leave your network for scanning in the cloud. Even when your laptops are not connected to the Internet, they are still being protected.

  • Configure scan schedules, remediation action and exclusions
  • Control and manage from the console across your entire IT network

Keep remote machines safeav_policy_properties_03
A growing number of companies are embracing the idea of the remote workforce. But there’s a challenge that comes with the concept: How do you ensure the network-connected machines of these workers remain protected at all times? Since ControlNow moves antivirus management to the cloud, you can quickly and easily access remote laptops and PCs – regardless of where they’re located.

  • Set group policies and authorize individual control
  • Receive real-time alerts and reporting on threats to your network

Removable device scanningav_scan_settings4
Much like the challenges of mobility, removable devices such as USB flash drives can pose big problems if they’re compromised and connected to your network. It’s a risk to hope workers’ storage drives are clean. Why leave anything to chance? The beauty of ControlAntivirus is it automatically scans before these devices establish connectivity – and have the chance to do damage.

  • Quarantine threat notifications so you can take action
  • Start immediately by setting default polices

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