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Asset Tracking

Stay informed
Stay up-to-date with a detailed inventory of installed software, configured hardware and authorized users – critical information available to you via the cloud-based console. The first step in gaining complete control of your network is having a firm understanding of the hardware and software that exists in your IT environment. Armed with this information, you can more efficiently plan and execute hardware refreshes and software upgrades, as well as ensure the change management process runs smoothly.

  • Centralize control and management efforts with the online console
  • Quickly complete detailed hardware configurations and software upgrades

Adiós, manual audits
With the ability to track assets in real time, you routinely have clear visibility into your IT estate. It’s an advantage that saves you time and cuts down on costs, particularly when it comes to conducting manual audits. You also reduce the hassles that come with coordinating audits across multiple locations.

  • Automatically scan servers, workstation and laptops
  • Centralize your IT inventory

Save money
Good IT inventory management enables you to make smarter spending decisions. How many times have you realized after the fact that you wasted money buying unnecessary hardware, or you spent too much in a rush to place an order? ControlAssets takes the guess-work out of building and maintaining your IT environment, and it’s free. There are no limits on the number of servers, workstations or laptops you can track, and no time limits, either. Gain full control by combining with our monitoring service.