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Radio Frequency Identification – RFID Reader Module 

Sparr Electronics Limited - SEL is dedicated to providing products and services that enable companies to use Radio frequency identification (RFID) in a variety of ways including automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions. We pride ourselves in providing customers with inexpensive RFID solutions that integrate well with other systems.

RFID Reader Module, are also called as interrogators. They convert radio waves returned from the RFID tag into a form that can be passed on to Controllers, which can make use of it. RFID tags and readers have to be tuned to the same frequency in order to communicate. RFID systems use many different frequencies, but the most common and widely used & supported by our Reader is 125 KHz. The reader has been designed as a Plug & Play Module and can be plugged on a Standard 300 MIL-28 Pin IC socket form factor.


  • Supports reading of 64 Bit Manchester Encoded cards

  • Pins for External Antenna connection

  • Serial Interface (TTL)

  • Wiegand Interface also available

  • Customer application on request

Technical Data
Frequency 125 kHz
Read Range up to 8 cm
Power supply 5V DC ( ± 5 %)
Current consumption max 60 mA
Operating temperature -20 ... +65° C
Storing temperature -40 ... +75° C
Interface RS232 ( TTL), Wiegand and others (on Demand)
Dimensions (l x w x h) 36 x 18 x 10 mm
Serial Interface Format 9600Baud, No Parity, 8 Data bits,1 Stop bit
Note: The TTL RS-232 Interface can not be connected directly to a PC COM port. Therefore the signal must be converted to RS 232 level for PC connection.

This Firmware has the following Functions:

  • Read Tag-ID
  • Send Tag-ID in ASCII Format through the Serial/ Wiegand Interface.

Sequence starts with Tag ID follows from Carriage-Return/Line-Feed (0Dh 0Ah),       

Example: '041201938C<CR><LF>'

RFID 125 Reader Module PIN Diagram
6 TxD Transmit data (TTL level) output from module to serial interface
4  Wiegand DATA HIGH ( available in Wiegand ) It will give DATA HIGH signal.
8  RxD Receive data (TTL level) input to the module from serial interface
14 LED (active low) (available in RS 232)
Wiegand DATA LOW (available in Wiegand )
LED will glow for 280 ms when tag is detected.

It will give DATA LOW signal.
12 Buzzer (active low) Buzzer will buzz for 280 ms when tag is detected


  • Reader module has to be mounted on non-metallic surface, else it may affect the operation of reader.
  • Buzzer & LED are Active low signals.
  • For Buzzer & LED current limiting Resistor has to be mounted. MAX current is 20mA. (470 or 510 ohms for LED and 240 or 270 Ohms for Buzzer)
  • LED’s Anode and Buzzer’s Positive marked pin to be connected to Vcc.
  • Wiegand out put format is also available in select readers.


    Our readers can be used for Access control, Time & Attendance, Vending machines, industrial and other applications where reading the data from the card only is required.

LAN Enabled RFID Reader – EAD RFID

EAD RFID is a combination of our Ethernet Adapter – EAD 01 and the RFID reader module. This unit contains our EAD 01 B Board level Serial to LAN converter, RFID module which can read the Tags and Built-in Antenna to pick up the RFID signal, a buzzer to indicate the successful reading of the card and a LED indication.
The unit can additionally support Time Stamping function with Real Time Clock as an option. This unit can store up to 20 K of data in its memory until the Server or PC software polls to pick up the data. (With a 10 digit Tag and Time Stamp, up to 800 records).
We can also customize this product for System Integrators or Software developers to meet their software requirement

Ordering information
Model Description
RFID 125 MD RFID Reader Module ( 125 Khz)
RFID 125 MDV RFID Reader Module with Base Board with RS 232 Port( 125 Khz)
EAD RFID 125 EAD - RFID Reader Module ( 125 Khz)
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