Custom Design for OEM

SEL has a strong and committed Design & Development team which works to bring out State of the Art products which are very unique and First-Of-Its-Kind product in the Market. The entire range of hardware products are designed in-house which is in addition to custom designed products like controllers for X-Ray Film Dryer, X-Ray Film Processing, Cathlab, etc.,


Design Capabilities


    SEL Custom develops and supplies embedded board level solutions to its OEM customers for various applications. These boardsuse the latest in embedded technology to offer a cost effective, feature rich and reliable solution to the customer in need of embedded logic and control.

    We use 16 and 32 bit controllers with CISC & RISC architectures in RTOs environment Embedded networking, RTOS, highly optimized C.

    Analog and switched power supply are some of the technologies commonly used in our design.


  • Medical Image Processing.
  • X Ray Film processin & Drier.
  • Audio Player.
  • Security Guard Monitoring System.
  • Linear & Switch Mode Power Supplies.
  • CAN Data Logger.

Case Studies